Why Marketing Direct

Marketing Direct Phone Prospecting Explained 

outsourcing business to business phone calls
George Clay

It’s not mainstream.

And it won’t get you new business overnight.

But if you want to work your way into high-value accounts and develop key relationships that result in you getting a crack at becoming their vendor my Marketing Direct phone prospecting may be a good fit for your business.

I work the phones and make the calls for you.

You pick the prospects you want me to reach out to.

VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers…OEM or channel sales partners.

  • Prospects you’ve met at trade shows
  • Customers who have drifted away
  • Subscribers to newsletters or webinars
  • High-profile executives you’ve read about in business journals

My Marketing Direct Phone Prospecting Process 

First Phase: Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing. I work the phones. Weak prospects noted. Stronger candidates flagged for follow-up.
Second Phase: Follow-up calls to uncover active selling opportunities. Best prospects are developed by routine call backs. Again, I’m working the phones and making the calls.
What You Learn:  Sales opportunities you’ll NEVER hear about unless your ear is close to the ground! EXAMPLE — Vendor drops ball…you get the chance to prove what you can do. Scroll down for details.

 Real-Time Follow-up Calls

My process of developing the best leads with real-time follow-up calls cannot be replicated by mass volume calling.

outsourcing business to business phone calls
George Clay

It boils down to how I interact with your prospect base.
Your prospects get to know me. And with each follow-up call I get to know them better!
Yes, it’s process.
But it makes tracking and developing your best sales opportunities a lot easier for you and your team.

Email Follow-up: Emails from your reps mentioning my call plus updates on widgets or services you want introduced are essential so that your team and the prospects I contact get connected.
The Right Pitch: How your people outshine the competition plus key words and phrases that will “click” with your prospects are points I’ll need from you before making my calls.
Expect This From Nay SayersTop management will insist only salespeople with deep understanding of your markets can do effective phone prospecting.business development list building

  • It’s myth based on ignorance rather than tested pre-sales business development experience.
  • A good over the phone sales person can work any industry. Same goes for face-to- face sales. The top producers are at home regardless of product or service they sell.
  • Bottom Line: My role is finding the right prospects…not making the sale. If your team remains skeptical all you have to do is test me out with a small trial project.
lead nurturing marketing
Sooner or later every vendor makes a mistake.

Pre-empt Existing Suppliers

Sooner or later EVERY vendor screws up a project. My real-time follow-up calls keep you informed on account activity so you’re ready to move when opportunity knocks.

Feedback: I give you immediate feedback with full notes and clear records of each call at all stages. Included are daily outcome reports so you can share information and adjust tactics. Lead nurturing pays you back with higher conversion rates

You Monitor Account Activity: Because these updates are ongoing you can track results and jump in whenever a prospect is ready for a face-to face or wants a demo scheduled or has questions best answered by you or your team.

Marketing Direct Phone Prospecting Platform

outsourcing business to business phone calls
George Clay

The secret to keeping these updates on track is a strategic calling platform that makes reaching out to large groups of your contacts in a very personal way a very manageable process.
I’ve been using this sales tool for years and continue to marvel at it’s organizational efficiency.
Called TELEMAGIC, it slices and dices the database to come up with the best calls to make…organizes the calls…fast-dials the calls…takes notes…sends emails, etc.
From cold lead through satisfied customer TELEMAGIC streamlines the lead nurturing process of sales development by phone.
Best List: Of all direct marketing media you can use, your house list will bring you the highest response rates when you contact these prospects by phone.
So before buying an outside list let’s develop these prospects first!
Summary of How To Test My Strategic Calling Process

  • Small Controlled Test
  • You Pick Markets and List
  • 200 Prospects Per Test
  • Your Team Gets Actively Involved
  • You Monitor Account Activity
  • Adjust Tactics as Needed
  • Test Month-To-Month
  • Cancel Any Time