Where do you find good prospect lists?

No easy answer and no magic pill.       
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George Clay

Just about everybody wants to find good prospect lists.   

But usually like finding a needle in a haystack.

One solution is to build these prospect lists yourself.

It's not for everybody and may not be right for you.

But it sure has worked for me in a way that builds trust and establishes credibility in a way that gives me a leg-up getting through to the right people and building a relationship with them over time and not with a single phone call.       

Important you know it's not pestering people with annoying phone calls.

And it certainly is not mass volume telemarketing.

How my approach works and the steps involved for making it successful are explained on this page.

My toolbox to find good prospect lists

Learned this in bits and pieces ---- keeping what works while tossing out the bum turns that ended up going nowhere.

What works for you building good prospect lists is what matters ---- so take my suggestions as starting points to get you going in the right direction.

Things you will need ----

A reasonably good contact management program. My favorite --- TeleMagic. Streamlines list building --- keeps data organized for rapid outreach to best prospects. My review of Telemagic is here. 

Important: List building without a good CRM platform is a fool's errand. So get one an learn the ropes.

Good list company.  (if you get nothing from today's email but this you will be ahead of the game). Accurate Leads ---- Small family owned. Great service. Plus you can test small batches of prospect lists custom built to match your needs. My review of Accurate Leads is here.

Database Research Tool:  Entirely optional but worth the cost --- Buzzfile Pro ($99/month) --- gives you key contact data and company info on companies suited to industry categories you are focused on developing. My review of Buzzfile Pro is here.

Again, it's a process. No magic pill!
Just giving you real-world experience you can test yourself. 

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