Uses for outreach phone prospecting

George Clay

Too many people think outreach phone prospecting no longer works

All I can say is it does indeed work IF you do it the right way and with the right personal touch.

Overlooked business development strategy you may want to test

 Uses for Outreach Phone Prospecting

        • Lead Generation— but do it the right way!
        • Hunting, prospecting for new business development, interest validation & qualification
        • Lead follow up from Trade Shows and other marketing initiatives
        • Lead Management – Manage & nurture leads through to handover to Sales, once there is an opportunity
        • Market Research – Uncover projects that exist today that your sales group is not currently involved in, such as what your competitors are working on
        • Identify specific contacts involved in purchasing process, such as the maintenance support, production engineer, capital equipment procurement
        • Identify Sales Opportunities
        • Database management – work within the existing database to clean and qualify leads so that accurate data is in place
        • Track all work so each lead gets followed up.
        • Participate in early stages of the sales process, but will not close the sale
      You can test my outreach for helping you find and develop new clients
      outsourcing business to business phone calls
      George Clay

      Having you test my outreach may be worth a try.

      You don’t have to buy a list or get bogged down with set up stuff.

      We start with prospects who already know something about what you do.

      But for whatever reason you have not gotten around to contacting them.

      A trial run with me working this list is fine with me.

      Test and see for yourself

      Can my outreach really make a difference…

      enhancee your new client outreach
      Me at the outreach controls

      Let’s just say experience is a great teacher.

      And you might find my experience helpful — been at this outreach phone prospecting going on twenty-five years.


      list-building…intro discovery calls…the 27 second pitch…building-out your database…getting prospects interested in meeting you…appoinments that lead to sales…lead tracking and follow-up…avoiding costly mistakes when buying any list…what sales people are too busy doing to prospect effectively. 

      Here is link to a booklet I wrote which pretty much covers the bases.

      Forbes: New Rules for Prospecting In The Age of The Customer

      Harvard Business Review reports on benefits of cold call lead development.