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 Wall Street Journal Direct Response Ad Lessons    

direct response ad
George Clay

My direct response ad in The Wall Street Journal is so simple you might call it boring.

Thanks to a local printer who helps with the final touches using Adobe In-Design, I keep production costs under $150.

My latest direct response ad in The Wall Street Journal is to the right.

direct response ad
Wall Street Journal Direct Response Ad

What do you think?

I bet you wonder what kind of response comes in?  

Well, this much I will tell you.

I’ve been running my Marketing Direct ads in The Wall Street Journal for two years now and do not plan on stopping.  

Tips To Make Your Direct Response Ad Profitable

direct response ad

You don’t have to spend big bucks or write fancy ads to grow your business.  

What I do suggest, however, is that you test every direct response ad by making small, frugal tests.

That way you keep costs low and if your ad is a bust you have not lost much money.

My Wall Street Journal direct response advertising is run according to this cardinal rule of successful direct marketing.

Test every direct response ad on a small scale.
Keep what works…discard what does not work.
In this way costly mistakes are avoided.

For making small controlled tests on a limited budget I recommend you read SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING.

This direct response marketing book will help you no matter what kind of media or advertising or marketing you are using.

Best of all, you get the nuts and bolts information you need without the marketing  jargon or phrases that make advertising books so boring and unpleasant to read.
Regardless of your business or the marketing and advertising you plan to do, you’ll do yourself a HUGE favor by referring to this direct response marketing book and the timeless wisdom it contains.
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direct esponse ad
George Clay

If you want better qualified sales leads, higher conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead this tested direct response marketing book can help you.
Get updates on ways Direct Response Marketing B2B can help your business grow —especially in this economy. Also, go here for DMA 2012 response rate reports for lead generation marketing media.
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