Test Marketing B2B By Phone

Small Business Test Marketing By Phone

test marketing B2B
George Clay

Do-it-yourself test marketing without hiring telemarketers or buying a prospect list.

That’s the beauty of test marketing B2B by phone.

You — not some budget approving committee — decide where to market…and what your sales pitch will be.

It’s test marketing B2B made easy — and YOU run the show!

You select your sales prospects, your markets and the products or services you want to test.

You Get Immediate Feed Back

And because you’re speaking-one-on-one with each decision-maker you get immediate feed back on how your marketing message is “going over”.
Furthermore, you can revise your sales pitch at any time to see if your results improve…or decline!

test marketing B2B
Follow Tested Direct Marketing Methods

For any B2B product or service you want to market you can use your phone to “test the waters” with small controlled tests.

Tested Tips That Work  

Keep the test small.
Keep it simple.
And do not get talked into hiring telemarketers or buying a telemarketing list.
Instead, work the phones yourself and get a feel for how your test is working.

test marketing B2B
Relax! This is test marketing B2B made simple!

  • 50-200 or so prospects will do just fine for your test.
  • They can be prospects you’ve met at trade shows or business conferences.
  • They can be old customers who have drifted away.
  • Or they can be subscribers to your email newsletter.

Select these prospects first…all from your house list of existing sales prospects and new or former customers.
Begin your test marketing B2B with this list before you buy an outside list.

B2B sales prospecting marketing
George Clay

And to keep you motivated here’s news on why it’s smart marketing to work the phones and make these calls.

test marketing b2b

Called COLD CALL TACTICS THAT INCREASE SALES  this report says cold calling “should be utilized by every B2B sales force.”

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