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George Clay

My favorite contact management is TeleMagic.

For my sales prospecting and lead development, TeleMagic is the gold standard of contact management.

But today's cloud-based CRM "solutions" are better known than TeleMagic.

Give them a try...but before you buy here's an article worth a read: 11 Terrible CRM Systems For Your Company.​

What's great about TeleMagic is it really does work! And that's why I hope you will give TeleMagic a try.

Contact Management Like No Other

There is no CRM product out there --- regardless of cost and hype --- that delivers the DIY functionality and flexibility of TeleMagic.

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TeleMagic is a customizable contact management software designed specifically to make the way you interact with your customers and your prospects easier for you to manage than any cloud-based crm solution.

By that I mean you control how you want to use TeleMagic.

You design it to suit how you work and the unique ways you run your business and how you interact with your customers, your suppliers and your prospects.

With TeleMagic the overall picture of your clients, your suppliers and your prospects enables you to give them what they need when then need it.

Anyway, I've summed up my reasons (passion) for continuing to use TeleMagic for my business and to help other folks get and keep more customers for their business.                                                   

Not glamorous but still very effective direct marketing tool. Use your phone to market your business, build your prospect list & make more sales by reaching buyers in ways that are practical & easy to test. Old school? You bet. But it still works.

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