Telemarketing New Clients

 This Tested Stragegy May Work For You.      Just about everybody wants new customers.    A tested approach I favor for telemarketing new clients is non-intrusive and builds trust and establishes credibility in a way that gets through to the right people and builds a relationship with them over time and not with a single phone call.       This approach is not for everybody and may not be right for you. But it sure has worked for me and also for my clients. I call it high-end telemarketing. Important you know it’s not pestering people with annoying phone […]

How To Make A Successful Phone Introduction

What if I told you that when you introduce yourself on the phone to someone you are calling for the first time what callers hear on the other end has relatively little to do with what you are saying? Research in human communication bears this out. The video on this page explains the research on a successful phone introduction in a way I think you will find both helpful and interesting when it comes to making your phone prospecting more successful. Words are important. But on the phone your ability to bond with someone — usually a complete stranger if you’re […]