Outreach call list

Building a good outreach call list takes some doing. All too easy to buy whatever list looks like a fit to what you need. My advice is look before you leap and piece together all the elements before you press the buy button. Here’s my advice for building a good outreach call list. Suggested this to one of my clients. Consider employment size 10 or more. Usually they have better directory tree for reaching the Owners. Do not rule out the smaller companies — but good to find out what the data counts are for the larger companies with 10 or more […]

Where do you find good prospect lists?

No easy answer and no magic pill.        Just about everybody wants to find good prospect lists.    But usually like finding a needle in a haystack. One solution is to build these prospect lists yourself. It’s not for everybody and may not be right for you. But it sure has worked for me in a way that builds trust and establishes credibility in a way that gives me a leg-up getting through to the right people and building a relationship with them over time and not with a single phone call.        Important you know it’s not […]

Effective phone lead generation

  If you believe like I do that effective phone lead generation requires patience, planning and routine follow-up calls then consider testing my services for your sales organization. Introductory cold calls.  Lead Nurturing follow-up calls.  Appointment Setting.  List Building.  Lead Management with full notes & clear records of each call at all stages. Call Outcome Reports  and OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT so you can share information and adjust channel sales marketing tactics. This is Not one call telemarketing or call center work. Effective phone lead generation is entirely different. And it’s why I do not outsource your calls to third party call centers. Sure […]

Why try my direct phone prospecting outreach?

You already do this in-house! Plus your niche way too specialized. Only sales pros trained in your field can do this right. Excellent points.  You’re asking the right questions! To answer your concerns here are some highlights — What direct phone prospecting outreach can do for you: Build your prospect list with introductory cold calls — any market niche, same tested process. Develop these prospects with lead nurturing follow-up calls. Get you Appointments by methodically working this prospect list. Make your sales process more efficient so every sales lead gets followed up. Give you full notes & clear records of […]

Covid-19 Turnaround Strategy

What’s Your Covid-19 Turnaround Strategy? Your COVID-19 turnaround strategy probably has zoom meetings replacing your new client face to face meetings. But trade shows — and your business leads from working those shows — how are you fixing that? Plus back and forth meetings to meet and develop new clients — those were the good ole days of business travel. Whatever your COVID-19 turnaround strategy I thought you might be interested in some ways my remote direct outreach services might help you along the way. Personalized New Client Outreach Makes All The Difference On the phone your ability to bond […]

What is Marketing Direct Sales Outreach?

 Marketing Direct sales outreach is about establishing and then building trust and credibility with your customer and prospect base. It’s a process or cycle of gathering and using customer data to improve your interactions with specific targeted customers and prospects…over time and not with a single phone call. What It Will Do For You Done well, this process will boost customer engagement and loyalty, plus help your marketing and sales performance. My Marketing Direct sales outreach process was developed specifically for this type of “hands-on” high-end direct marketing process…and cannot be replicated by mass volume telemarketing. Yes, It’s a Process! […]

Business Outreach Prospecting Services

But you do this in-house!  That’s what you pay your people to do!  Plus they know the ropes — your niche too specialized to have anybody but your own sales people prospect new business.    Excellent points!! And finding new clients by reaching out to people you do not know is something you think will not work. Anything you don’t already know? Let’s just say experience is a great teacher. And a booklet I wrote about remote work and my phone prospecting experiences covers this start to finish. Pretty much covers the bases…including list-building…intro discovery calls…the 27 second pitch…building-out your database…getting […]

Personalized sales outreach explained

Lead validation pre-sales call campaigning to qualify & present what you do in a low-key but very professional way.   Real-time follow-up calls to establish trust…build credibility and gain deeper, wider understanding of your customer. Lead tracking so you know what’s going on with each prospect and each customer so you can deploy data to deliver even more personalization. Immediate feedback on what your customers want and how you can satisfy that need for higher customer retention and more repeat customers. Bottom Line: The more you personalize your customer’s sales journey the more they are likely to buy from you. Well […]

Tested Business Development Outreach Process Explained

You pick prospects you want developed…any market. VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers…OEM or Channel Sales Partners…System Integrators, etc. etc. Prospects you’ve met at trade shows…Customers who have drifted away…Subscribers to your newsletters or webcasts  I give you full notes & clear records of each call at all stages…plus Daily Call Outcome Reports so you can share information and adjust  tactics.  You track response and measure results How the process works FIRST PHASE: Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing.  I work the phones. Weak prospects noted. Stronger candidates flagged for follow-up. SECOND PHASE: Best prospects are developed and nurtured by routine call […]