Building quality business databases phone prospecting

Database building by phone is about information gathering. That means finding out if the person you are calling is qualified for being added to your new client list. It’s here the weak prospects are weeded out…and the better qualified prospects  are engaged for careful and methodical follow-up calls. Be patient. Building high-quality business databases is process. You’ll get more appointments if you build your prospect list with routine follow-up calls. The ripple effect from real-time follow-up calls Real-time follow-up calls are a form of customer service. These calls can create huge business possibilities…building relationships and a respect for you beyond your […]

Small Business Marketing Direct Services Explained

  Small Business Direct Marketing Explained  Forget big ads and flashy mailings.  If that’s what you need for your business my small business direct marketing is not for you. Proof. I prove what I can do for you with my small business direct marketing trial projects.You measure the results…then decide if you want to expand your test. My focus is growing your business — not selling you a service you don’t need. Small Business Direct Marketing Bible Lessons from the master. My small business direct marketing bible is SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING, by Claude Hopkins. Click here and sample a few chapters of this timeless […]