Small Business CRM Software Update

Small Business CRM Software Update Reduce CRM Software Ownership Costs & Securely Allow Multiple Users to Access TeleMagic from from Any Windows-based PC What’s the best crm software? Depends who you talk to. Cloud crm software has it’s followers…but too many end users are getting fed up with the monthly service fees and tech support charges. That’s why I like TeleMagic crm software. It runs on theTeleMagic cloud..but without the recurring monthly fees and security issues. From both your internal and external office locations you can now have your people run your TeleMagic crm software and use TeleMagic’s resources on a server […]

Small Business CRM Automation

Small Business CRM Automation Come down from the small business CRM automation cloud. Small business CRM automation is supposed to make your work easier! But cloud CRM automation has gotten so complicated — and expensive!— it is not worth the trouble for most small business owners. Plus, you are constantly on hold for tech support…and when you do get through you are fed tedious instructions of the new system that locks you into working the way those smart techies want you to work. If this sounds familiar, I have great news for you. Easier is better with TeleMagic  TeleMagic Small Business […]