B2B Lead List Building

Can You Buy An Effective B2B Lead List? Think buying an effective b2b lead list is a cake walk? Think again. No matter where you purchase your list you’ll end up cleaning it yourself because so much of the contact information is outdated. That’s the nature of the b2b lead list business. So what do you do? Build your own B2B lead list! Visit on-line directories of companies in the niche markets you sell to. McGraw Hill is a good lead source. Here’s their link for a specific industry listing. From there you can select maybe fifty target accounts and start […]

Effective Sales Lead Follow-Up Plans

Are Your Sales Reps Too Busy For Effective Sales Lead Follow-Up? Making calls at lunch or between sales appointments is how most sales reps handle sales lead follow-up calls. At best this hit-or-miss process reaches only a small fraction of your best sales prospects. My system of real-time follow-up calls gives you the full court press you need to improve your conversion rates and make your sales reps more productive.  What’s included Build effective lead lists with introductory business development cold calls. Develop an effective sales lead follow-up process to your best prospects with lead nurturing follow-up calls. Get you […]