Cold Calling High Tech Decision Makers

Getting QUALITY new business appointments with more revenue per sales lead than old way telemarketing is what my cold calling high tech is all about.

B2B Telemarketing Cold Call

Most B2B marketers overlook B2B telemarketing cold call lead development completely…or get hooked into trying it by call centers that are not suited for small business marketers.

Appointment Sales Qualification Process

 Here’s is an appointment sales qualification phone process  for building a base of qualified sales prospects This strategy is simple, straightforward and easy to implement. But it works. Q:What’s the first goal of sales qualification by phone? A: Effective sales qualification by phone begins with simple information gathering. That means finding out if the person you are contacting is a qualified sales prospect. Your cold calling goal: find the folks interested in your offer. These are the qualified sales prospects. How to do it? Ask for a show of hands. There, that’s the goal of your introductory cold call — (1) […]