Phone Prospecting New Customers

 What Makes You Worth Listening To? What you do is different. What you offer is different. And that YOU are different. These are the three fundamental keys to effectively phone prospecting new customers. What’s important to grasp now is the importance of positioning — …branding yourself so your prospect is comfortable not just speaking with you and listening to your “pitch”…but agreeing to learn more about what you can do for him or her. That’s important — wanting to learn from you how you plan to help them. For this to take place you need an effective follow-up process to effectively […]

Effective High-End Phone Prospecting Explained

I’m talking about speaking directly with your prospects by phone… …engaging in real-time, meaningful dialog rather than voice-mail or sending automatic e-mails like you (and your competitors) are used to doing. That herd mentality — doing the same thing over and over like everybody else trying to sell you something or win you over to their way of seeing things — that’s what I want you to put aside for now…  Let’s test a different approach to show your prospects that What you do is different. What you offer is different. And that YOU are different. This break from the herd strategy is […]

Outsourcing High-end Telemarketing Services

The usual telemarketing services  you get with outsourced call centers are great for mass volume calling. But for high-end clients you want to reach out to and develop long-term relationships you may want to look elsewhere. I do not outsource to call centers. I do your business development phone prospecting for you. I work for you…finding good prospects…qualifying their interest…. educating them about your business…moving them through your sales cycle — step-by-step so they become comfortable buying from you and NOT from your competitors. [singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=left]By combining the efficiency of high-end telemarketing services with frugal, niche market […]