Sales & Marketing Database Research Tool

This Database Research Tool Especially Useful Now If you’re looking to keep your sales and marketing ongoing but at less cost and with fewer employees I thought you might find the following info helpful. Has to do with a sales and marketing database research tool for zeroing in on the best kinds of prospects to target. I use it to uncover, research and contact niche batches of prospects suited to the particular industry category I am focused on developing. I pay $99 a month and use the data almost every day. The sales and marketing database has 18 million companies, 50 million […]

Sales and Marketing Support

These Sales and Marketing Support Services May Be A Good Fit For Your Business While there’s no quick fix for getting you more new customers and more sales, my sales and marketing support services can get your sales organization back on track. Introductory cold calls  Lead Nurturing follow-up calls.  Appointment Setting. List Building. Lead Management.  EVERY sales lead I generate for you gets followed-up. Every sales lead is tracked so you quantify and measure how well your campaign is working. If you aren’t measuring how well your ads are doing then you are not doing marketing at all but instead PR.[singlepic id=108 […]