How to make an introductory outreach call

Finding new clients with old-fashioned outreach —- It shows your prospects that you are different…your brand is different…and you are taking time to acknowledge them in this unexpected old-fashioned way I’m talking about good old-fashioned phone calls to the right people at the right time and with the right message. This specific style of outreach is my specialty. Getting you noticed in a very favorable way I can’t promise you hundreds of new clients. But I can tell you something so simple as a phone call to the right people with the right message can go a long way in […]

High-End B2B Services Explained

I do your hunting, warm-cold calling, prospect qualifying, lead-scoring and lead management…plus real-time (NO VOICE-MAIL!)follow-up calls for you.  All calls real-time by me. No outsourcing. This hands-on, one-to-one quality control makes my prospecting a good fit for high-end B2B sales where relationship building and customer service are key to getting and keeping customers. That’s why after each completed call to your prospects I give you immediate, detailed feed-back of each prospect’s status and what you can do to “get in the door and make the sale.” Test A Trial Project Pick any market or prospect group you want to reach out to. Do you have […]