Prospecting New Customers High-end B2B

Prospecting New Customers With Personal Touch    By prospecting new customers for you to pursue I can help your business grow. Routine follow-up calls plus e-mail follow-ups  & direct mail follow-up letters work wonders to get you in the door for a face-to-face meeting. The secret is a personal touch that engages your prospects —- getting them to interact with you one-to-one so they trust doing business with you. Also, prospecting new customers is a form of direct marketing. And building a highly targeted database is the key to any successful direct marketing campaign. This includes targeting both new clients as well […]

How To Prospect New Customers

Prospect new customers without pain To make prospecting new customers easier and way less stressful here are five tips I think you will find  useful. Give these tips a shot…not all at once, but one here, one there. Be patient… stick with my strategy. You’ll see positive results…especially with your cold call phone prospecting.  OK, let’s get started.  Never “Wing It”. Always use a script. It keeps repetitions, omissions and improper sequencing out of your pitch. They spell trouble when you prospect new customers. Keep It Short. Make your introduction brief and to the point. How brief? Twenty to thirty seconds! That’s all you get. So be accurate, concise,and persuasive. […]