Finding Raisins in Your Raisin Bread

Those raisins are your best qualified prospects…those most likely to purchase. Where you find these gems is in your raisin bread —- That’s your database or prospect list or referrals you get from customers or friends or wherever you go for leads you think worthwhile. But finding those prize raisins —- no easy task. Only a small percentage of these prospects offer REAL sales opportunities. That’s the filtering process. And no matter what kind of raisin bread (database…prospecting list…referral network, etc.., etc.) you are digging into you will need time and plenty of work to find and then develop those best qualified prospects. Building Your Prospect […]

Prospecting fast growth small companies

Prospecting fast growth small companies and engaging their high-end decision-makers with meaningful conversation is no easy task   Especially when you want to reach their c-level executives. How to do it? ​​​​​​​A process I use and recommend is building the fast growth small company  prospecting list yourself. Find fast growth small companies in my list-building how to booklet. By doing-it yourself you zero-in on those prospects best suited for your pitch…plus your research on their individual companies gives you some good talking points when you engage them by phone or send an introductory email explaining what you can do for their particular niche needs. Why […]