High-end Business Development Prospecting

High-end business development prospecting is not mass volume telemarketing. By prospecting and qualifying your leads in a personal and distinctive way I engage your prospects in meaningful, real-time one-to-one conversation to show them that         What you do is different.                         What you offer is different. And that YOU are different.  Establishing Trust and Credibility  No outsourcing—ever!  All prospecting calls I make on your behalf are made here, by me in my office. NOTE: Before using any call center make certain you know who will be making calls […]

Effective Sales Prospecting By Phone

Quick Lesson In Effective Phone ProspectingEffective sales prospecting by phone can empower your sales process in ways that make you a valuable addition to any sales organization.But are you approaching your prospecting with realistic goals?Granted, you want to book appointments or schedule demos or get referrals.Or at least find prospects worth talking to.Yet all you get are individuals with no interest learning what you can do for them.You get discouraged.You look at prospecting by phone as something you are just not cut out for.Sound familiar?  What I want to share with you are pointers to get you prospecting in a […]