Cold call lead process

Finding good prospects…then developing them into satisfied customers is never easy. Especially now…because information overload makes us skeptical and hesitant to believe anything from anyone. Consider your emails and voice-mails — how many were sent to you today? Same overload your prospects deal with…day after day. How to get your message through this clutter…so they believe what you can do for them is true and not just another sales pitch? Try the human touch. That way you get to know them…and they get to know you.  What I’m talking about is speaking directly with your prospects by phone… …engaging in […]

Business Development Cold Call Process

Effective Business Development Cold Call Process Unlike Old-way Telemarketing My business development cold call process incorporates a series of personalized customer experience engagements that contradicts every idea you’ve had about telemarketing. It completely eliminates the stigma and annoyance of old way cold calling. It gets your prospects and your customers to “open-up” and discuss what they REALLY want and need from your organization. I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales qualifying with lead management & lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you.  Phase One:  Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing. Phase Two:  Best prospects are nurtured […]

Sales Lead Development Process

Effective Sales Lead Development Process A sales lead development process with the right personal touch is a practical way to get new customers and keep your existing customers from drifting away. Routine real-time follow-up calls are key. These calls create trust, build your credibility and forward the sales process. Working the phones and making these calls I establish one to one personal contact with your prospects in a very personal way…ahead of the bigger companies with larger, less personalized sales and marketing organizations. So what’s special about  my sales lead development process?  I have answers for you here. And because I test everything […]

Marketing Direct B2B Phone Prospecting Trial Project

You pick prospects you want developed…any market. VP-level executives…CEOs…IT execs…Buyers…OEM or Channel Sales Partners…System Integrators, etc. etc. Prospects you’ve met at trade shows…Customers who have drifted away…Subscribers to your newsletters or webcasts.  I give you full notes & clear records of each call at all stages…plus Daily Call Outcome Reports so you can share information and adjust  tactics.  You track response and measure results. A  tested & versatile direct marketing process  I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales qualifying with lead management & lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you. FIRST PHASE: Introductory warm-cold calls to find […]

How To Prospect Fortune 500 Companies

 How To Prospect Fortune 500 and make a sale or two. I’ve been helping a client “get in-the-door” at Fortune 500 companies in the medical device & pharmaceutical sectors. He sells a service with recurring anual revenue…upwards of $85,000 per Fortune 500 type customer. He had nearly all the ingredients. He just didn’t have them in the right order — and he missed a few tricks I’ve learned and found quite useful. One of those tricks he did not need. And you will never guess what that was…so I will tell you now —  Face-to-face appointments were NOT how he got prospects to buy into […]

High-level Appointment Setting

Is your “phone voice” suited for new client outreach? Easy to fool yourself into making mistakes. Q: What goals are realistic for high-level appointment setting?A: High-level appointment setting is calling to get information.That means finding out if  your prospect qualifies for being added to the front end of your sales funnel.Picture a crowded room.Your goal: find the folks interested in what you offer.How to do it? Ask for a show of hands.There, that’s the goal of your cold call —finding the right prospectsseparating them from the crowdthen qualifying their interest levelAlso, phone prospecting and business appointment setting is a form of […]

Best CRM Software

What’s the best CRM software? Depends who you ask. Software sellers rave about their CRM. But the end users tell a far different story. Have you’ve been “burned” by your CRM software? Found it too clunky. Not what you were promised when you signed on to your monthly service “support” package? Your complaint is all to common. So what I have to say about the prospecting software I use and recommend you may not believe. My Vote for Best CRM Software But for 23 years now I continue to marvel how this tried and true program runs circles around everything else […]

Effective Phone Prospecting Is A Form Of Successful Direct Marketing

And key to your successful direct marketing is your pre-sales marketing process. This is where I can help you. A tested and repeatable direct marketing process I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales qualifying with lead management & lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you. Phase One:  Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing. All calls by me real-time using TeleMagic contact management. No voice-mails! Phase Two:  Best prospects are nurtured by routine call backs from me and follow-up emails from you (see my post Appointment Setting Mistake).  Why Real-Time Follow-Up: For relationship building with your prospect base […]

High-End B2B Services Explained

I do your hunting, warm-cold calling, prospect qualifying, lead-scoring and lead management…plus real-time (NO VOICE-MAIL!)follow-up calls for you.  All calls real-time by me. No outsourcing. This hands-on, one-to-one quality control makes my prospecting a good fit for high-end B2B sales where relationship building and customer service are key to getting and keeping customers. That’s why after each completed call to your prospects I give you immediate, detailed feed-back of each prospect’s status and what you can do to “get in the door and make the sale.” Test A Trial Project Pick any market or prospect group you want to reach out to. Do you have […]

Removing Pain from Cold Call Phone Prospecting

To make your prospecting easier and way less stressful here are five tips I think you will find useful. Give these tips a shot…not all at once, but one here, one there. Be patient… stick with my strategy. You’ll see positive results…especially with your cold call phone prospecting.  OK, let’s get started….with this video on why use a script.  Never “Wing It”. Always use a script. It keeps repetitions, omissions and improper sequencing out of your pitch. They spell trouble when it comes to phone prospecting. Keep It Short. Make your introduction brief and to the point. How brief? Twenty to thirty seconds! That’s all you get. So be accurate, […]