Phone prospecting outreach

If you have tried something like this only to be disappointed with results…                                                                                            Please understand… What I do is completely different from call center telemarketing. My phone prospecting outreach is based on research and testing literally thousands and thousands of outreach calls for my clients over the years. It’s a methodical lead qualification phone process […]

Marketing Direct Outreach Help

Building Good Prospect Lists Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Especially so-called telemarketing lists. Most of what you buy are loaded with junk you need to clean up and that’s a real pain. What to do? Build your own lists and keep your data clean and up-to-date. Helps if you have a  good list company like Accurate Leads —- Small family owned list company. Great service. Plus you can test small batches of prospect lists custom built to match your needs. They’ve been around since 1984. I’ve known about them only for a few years. Their services I have recommened to Marketing […]

Lead qualification phone process

    First of all, important you know this… My lead qualification phone process has me on the phone making the calls. There’s no room full of telemarketers pushing to get you contact names for worthless follow-up calls. Phone lead generation services have a terrible reputation for cranking out this type of stuff. What’s different I qualify prospects with introductory discovery calls. Old school outreach with hardly any selling. Just finding out if there’s an interest which in most cases there is none. That’s the grind of real-world prospect qualifying! Weeding out the good ones from the mostly bad ones. […]