High Quality Sales Prospecting Explained

High Quality Sales Prospecting Still Works But there’s a catch…  Sales prospecting by phone is not for you. You see phone prospecting as “boiler room” telemarketing that your customers find offensive. What follows is a way around this bottleneck — a tested high quality sales prospecting strategy that works far better than one call telemarketing ever did. High quality sales prospecting is more than casual prospecting. It’s a methodical process. A small controlled test is all you need to get started. Do not get talked into buying an outside list or hiring call center telemarketers for your  phone prospecting. Fifty […]

Does Cold Call Lead Prospecting Work?

Too many sales managers rate cold call lead prospecting obsolete. Harvard Business Review On-Line says cold calling still works!

Cold Call Sales Prospecting

According to Harvard Business Review On-Line cold calling is “the most effective way to set up appointments with the right decision makers at your target accounts.”

Cold Call Marketing B2B

Like social media marketing, cold call marketing B2B can be an engaging and interactive business development medium….enabling you to connect with your customers and potential customers ahead of the bigger companies with larger, less personalized sales and marketing organizations.