Old School Direct Marketing Makes Comeback

Social media and technology driven marketing are all in favor…but something odd and often forgotten is making a comeback. Done right it works — especially with the personal touch that engages your prospect and pulls them into your offer. What I’m describing is personalized old school direct marketing —- cards and letters that not only get read…they bring new business to your door. ​​ But wait! Not everybody is on board with this odd ball relic from old school direct marketing 101. From New York City a client emailed his thoughts about a peronalized first-class letter I sent to him last week […]

Marketing Direct Strategy

 Small Business Marketing Direct Strategy Explained No hype or fluff. Forget big ads, flashy mailings, corporate jingles. If that’s what you need my marketing direct strategy is not for you. Proof. I prove what I can do for you with small trial projects. You measure the results…then decide if you want to expand your test. My focus is growing your business — not selling you a service you don’t  need. Small Business Direct Marketing Services Bible Lessons from the master. My marketing direct strategy bible is SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING, by Claude Hopkins. Click here and sample a few chapters of this timeless masterpiece […]

Tips For Small Business Owners

Marketing Direct B2B Tested Tips Especially Suited For Small Business Owners Seven Reasons To Subscribe Marketing direct b2b is a practical, cost effective direct marketing strategy.   When you subscribe to my update tips here’s what you’ll get. 1.  Tested Marketing Direct B2B Tips On How To Engage Your Sales Prospect.  You’ll learn how to better engage your sales prospect, build trust, get  referrals from your prospects that allow you to make more sales and get more repeat business.“Profit in business comes from repeat customers that boast about your product or service, and bring friends with them.” …W. Edwards Deming 2. Marketing Direct B2B […]