Covid-19 Turnaround Strategy

What’s Your Covid-19 Turnaround Strategy? Your COVID-19 turnaround strategy probably has zoom meetings replacing your new client face to face meetings. But trade shows — and your business leads from working those shows — how are you fixing that? Plus back and forth meetings to meet and develop new clients — those were the good ole days of business travel. Whatever your COVID-19 turnaround strategy I thought you might be interested in some ways my remote direct outreach services might help you along the way. Personalized New Client Outreach Makes All The Difference On the phone your ability to bond […]

Pre-sales Discovery Process

Effective Pre-sales Discovery Process Explained  Finding new customers is never easy. Especially now…because information overload makes us skeptical and hesitant to believe anything from anyone. Consider your emails and voice-mails. How many were sent to you today? Same overload your prospects deal with…day after day. How to get your message through this clutter…so they believe what you can do for them is true and not just another sales pitch?  Effective pre-sales telemarketing discovery process I’m talking about speaking directly with your prospects by phone. This is where an effective discovery call telemarketing process  comes in —- Something  you are not […]

Outsourcing New Client Prospecting

Getting new customers by outsourcing new client prospecting can be tested with small trial projects. Avoid mass volume telemarketing. Keep it simple.