Small Business TeleMagic Resource Tip

Reduce TeleMagic Ownership Costs & Securely Allow Multiple Users to Access TeleMagic from from Any Windows-based PC

George Clay

It’s like the TeleMagic cloud..but without the recurring monthly fees and security issues.

From both your internal and external office locations you can now have finalWorriedAboutThe CloudI really worry abouteverything going into thyour people run TeleMagic and use TeleMagic’s resources on a server running the Windows Server 2012 family operating system.

No matter where they are remotely — all data is up to date in real time, moment to moment with your network server running your custom designed TeleMagic crm application.

A Microsoft Feature

The secret is a Microsoft  feature that allows a company to distribute encrypted Windows-based programs with a network server.

With this feature a single point of installation allows multiple users to access the desktop on a server running one of the Windows Server 2003 and 2008 or 2012 family operating systems.

Your TeleMagic users can run TeleMagic, save files, and use network resources as if they were sitting at that computer.

Me using TeleMagic.


What This Means To You 

If you are deploying 30 PCs and your users use TeleMagic, you have to install TeleMagic 30 times – once on each PC.  If you are deploying 30 thin clients you only have to install TeleMagic 1 time – on the terminal server.

 What this means to you is that all clients are using the current version of TeleMagic because the software is installed once on a server computer, rather than on every desktop throughout the company.

This model reduces the costs and challenge of updating desktop machines, especially for remotely located desktops or branch office environments.

Benefits of Windows Terminal Server

One is just the pure hardware cost as the employee computer can be  the lowest end model PC or even a “thumb terminal” which generally cost as little as $75.00, instead of buying a medium to high end system for each employee, which can average around $750.00.
However, saving money on the hardware is not where the real cost savings is at and is not the primary reason for implementing Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services).

Enormous Cost Savings

The enormous cost savings that is gained from a Remote Desktop Services implementation is in the reduced time it takes to do the implementation and even more so in the time saved with ongoing maintenance and management of your company’s end-user desktop infrastructure.
This means that since all of your employees remote into one central location, you only need to worry about backing up and maintaining one system.
Also, if you were to push a new software application for your employees to use, you only have to install and configure it on one platform, versus spending money/time on several individual PC’s.

A TeleMagic Case History

Example: a client with a 90 user license that had 4 companies all doing the same thing under different names. telemagic Two under one roof in the SFV and 15 users in Sacramento for one company and another dozen logging in from Billings MT.

All four companies logged into the same instance of TeleMagic with 4 different companies using identical templates.  All sales orders were generated by TM.

We had heavy fax use back in those day and had two dedicated fax servers that salespeople could send out order confirmations or estimates with as well.

The collections department used the same database to collect from and sales could see but not touch those collection call notes.  Security levels in TeleMagic are astounding.

Today’s servers are pretty hot compared to 2003 when I last was operating at this level.  I would say that speed issues would not even flinch with less than 50 concurrent users.

If you have in house IT people already on the weekly payroll the only additional overhead cost would them having to set up a dedicated server, a company that size probably has two collecting dust in a corner.

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