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George Clay

 Marketing Direct Help:  What's Different?

It boils down to sounding professional and worth listening to.  What my marketing direct help does is find and develop prospects so they want to hear more about you.

                    Getting your foot in the door

Reaching out to prospects before they're in the market to buy.
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Evaluating their interest in working with you and getting you in the door to meet them --- an ongoing process that develops over time and not with a single phone call.
And it's completely different from all those run-of-the-mill telemarketing services that you see today.

Finding raisins in your raisin bread!

You already know the vast majority of prospects have little or no interest in what you do. Weeding them out and finding what I call raisins in your raisin bread is where I can help you.
Finding and developing these batches or segments of well qualified prospects with a strong interest in what you do and wanting to hear more about what you can do for them is what Marketing Direct Help is all about.
Your Prospect Lists
marketing direct help
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Helping your outreach process starts with your list of prospects.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Especially so-called outreach call lists.

Most of what you buy are loaded with junk you need to clean up and that's a real pain.

What to do?

Let's work together

Are you skeptical?

So much these days sounds good but fails to live-up to delivering the goods.

That's why you can test my outreach and see for yourself if you get results and not just empty promises.

You don't have to buy a big prospect list or get tied down with long-term contracts.

marketing direct help



George Clay

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