Sales Prospecting High Tech

   Sales Prospecting High Tech-Decision Makers

sales prospecting high tech
George Clay

They can be VP-level executives…CEOs…IT professionals…Buyers…OEM or channel sales partners.

Select the IT suppliers, distributors or resellers (VARs) you want contacted.

By sales prospecting high tech decision makers for you I can help you execute your sales process in a more effective and consistent fashion so that you can increase  your close rates and revenues. 

I do your hunting, warm-cold calling, prospect qualifying, lead-scoring and lead management…plus real-time (NO VOICE-MAIL!)follow-up calls for you.

 All calls real-time by me. No outsourcing.

This hands-on, one-to-one quality control makes my prospecting a good fit for high-end B2B sales organizations  where relationship building and customer service are key to getting and keeping customers.
That’s why after each completed call to your prospects I give you immediate, detailed feed-back of each prospect’s status and what you can do to better service each prospect’s needs.

Sales Prospecting Hi Tech Highlights

Introductory cold calls.  Lead Nurturing follow-up calls.  Appointment Setting. List Building.  Lead Management with full notes & clear records of each call at all stages. Call Outcome Reports  and OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT so you can share information and adjust channel sales marketing tactics.

  Getting your sales organization QUALITY new business appointments with higher conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead than typically achieved by traditional telemarketing is what my sales prospecting high tech decision makers service is all about.
sales prospecting high tech
George Clay

I make things happen by working the phones and making the calls.

Your calls are important…and making sure they’re done right is why I don’t outsource to third party call centers.

Sure this limits the projects I take on.

But I’m here to give you service that stands out from the crowd.

Sales Prospecting High Tech Trial Project

To make working with me pay out for YOU outsource a SMALL trial project.claudeAMAZON

I develop your prospect list by building solid relationships with key prospects in the markets and the companies you want to reach.

Creating trust with each prospect is my primary goal — NOT making a sale.

I start the sales prospecting high tech process with introductory cold calls that qualify each prospect to determine if your business is a good fit for what they need.

It’s here the weak prospects are weeded out…and the better qualified prospects  are engaged for careful and methodical follow-up calls.

This is where the all important relationship building  process begins.

With each call I capture key details…including:

  • Your prospect’s interest level in your goods or services.
  • Identify their needs…learn about existing suppliers… and how YOU can pre-empt the competition.
  • Ask the qualifying questions to make certain your offer matches their needs.
  • Learn their “hot buttons” — what is it you can do for them that matters most.

Throughout this process  a deep knowledge of your products or services is NOT required .That comes later, when your sales people take over and lead the charge.

sales prospecting high tech
George Clay

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