Sales Lead Generation Services

Here’s a quick summary of my sales lead generation services, how they work and what I can do for you.

Sales lead generation services
George Clay

My job is creating trust….not making the sale.
From technology to manufacturing to intangible goods and professional services a really good phone person can identify and generate sales opportunities for you in ANY industry.
Yes! I said “any industry”.
Sure, knowing your specific sales channel lingo helps. But over-the-phone sales prospecting skills — genuine friendliness…business savvy…good etiquette — are even more important.
Learning YOUR Business
That said, the more background data and industry buzz words I have on your specific sales channel the better.
From there I work up a  telemarketing script and “cheat sheet” with most often asked questions and objections I can expect when I work the phones and make the calls. You and I review this together — again by phone.

Sales Lead Generation Services Trial Project

1. Select the prospects you want contacted. Your house list of existing prospects is  best place to start.
2. First round of calls. I begin with introductory cold calls that identify (and eliminate!) opportunities for you to pursue.  Weeding out the weak prospects from the better qualified prospects starts here.
3From there I make those all important follow-up calls — on time and whenever your prospect requests the call back. During this sales process some leads are upgraded, some downgraded. And only when a prospect is truly qualified for follow-up by YOU do you come into the sales loop.  Sure, it’s a methodical lead nurturing process that takes time…but it PAYS as one call lead generation telemarketing never did.
Oh, one other thing. For me, customer service is a BIG deal. So you gotta promise you’ll deliver outstanding service to each prospect I bring your way. Otherwise, my sales lead generation services for your project will flop.