Sales Generation CRM

  Giving your customers better service, greater value and more attention.

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers that boast about your product or service, and bring friends with them.” …W. Edwards Deming

Winning Sales Generation CRM Tips

  • Use real-time phone prospecting to renew relationships with lapsed clients and build your customer base.
  • Sales generation CRM calls to your house list are especially important. They build customer loyalty and help keep customers from drifting away.
  • Be on time with your sales prospecting follow-up sales calls. Prompt follow-up separates you from the competition and helps build long lasting business relationships.

    sales generation crm
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  • Today’s B2B appointment setting strategy is all about building relationships. And that takes time.
  • The key is follow-up calls. They keep you in front of your prospects.
  • Work your sales generation CRM follow-up calls into a methodical strategy that moves your prospects through your sales funnel…educating and informing them about what you can do for them.[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=right]
  • Add routine emails and personalized First Class follow-up mail­ings to these folks. Targeted sales marketing projects like these help cultivate your customer and prospect base…spreading good will and showing them you care.
  • Sit down with your sales and marketing team.  Show how your phone sales person will help build customer service by improving lead nurturing and the overall lead generation process.  Share results from your outbound B2B telemarketing metrics so they grasp the numbers and understand the efficiency of CRM done right.
  • Teamwork! When cross-selling lead generation develops have your sales rep off-load the sales lead to your telemarketer…who then makes follow-up call to the prospect. This gives field sales more time to develop new sales leads and boost sales of their bread-and-butter accounts.
  • Also, this dialog expands product knowledge and prospect call list for telemarketer. Best of all, your prospect enjoys exceptional customer service by getting lots of   follow-up service!
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