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Telemagic Power & Flexibility Through Customization are amazing says this business owner using TeleMagic since 2001 in Australia

sales automation software

“As anyone who uses TeleMagic extensively knows – there is nothing on the planet like it. No software has come even close to matching its power and flexibility through customization…”

Say good-bye to everything you dislike about cloud-based crm. Say hello to TeleMagic sales automation software.

sales automation software
George Clay

Having used TeleMagic  sales automation software extensively for 23 years I join my TeleMagic colleague from Australia in praising TeleMagic’s amazing customization capabilities. 

TeleMagic’s power and flexibility through customization runs circles around cloud-based platforms costing far more than TeleMagic sales automation software. What this means to you is that you can customize TeleMagic to support the way YOU work…rather than the way those cloud-based techies want you to work.

Easier is Better with TeleMagic Sales Automation Software

You can create screens that display whatever information you choose, in whatever format you like.

TeleMagic loads directly onto your laptop or PC.

You can start with a blank page, and build your TeleMagic database to fit the unique ways you run your business…including field-level data synch between central and remote users.

TeleMagic Sales Automation Software Highlights 

  •  Designed for networks or stand-alone PC

No recurring monthly fees!  No data usage charges! 

Better Appointment Setting

    • Contact CRM Tracking History with unlimited notes of relevant information date & time stamped to help you know more for  better appointments because you see the prospect’s history BEFORE making an sales automation softwareappointment.
      • Three-level relational CRM database that works the way you think!
    •  Fast CRM search

      • Unlimited Number of Records. You can search for  customer contact data in any indexed field . You can also use filters to build a query for data and can easily browse record data by the current index.
        •  Sales Forecasting, including links to contact records and extensive reporting with graphs 

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