Sales & Marketing Database Research Tool

This Database Research Tool Especially Useful Now
sales and marketing database research
George Clay

If you’re looking to keep your sales and marketing ongoing but at less cost and with fewer employees I thought you might find the following info helpful.

Has to do with a sales and marketing database research tool for zeroing in on the best kinds of prospects to target.

sales and marketing database
Database research is key to effective prospecting.

I use it to uncover, research and contact niche batches of prospects suited to the particular industry category I am focused on developing.

I pay $99 a month and use the data almost every day.

The sales and marketing database has 18 million companies, 50 million contacts, and 6 million buildings for sales and marketing teams to target.

To give you a feel for the info you can access here’s a snapshot of the data you can use and how you can sort it to your particular needs.

Advanced Search / Prospecting List Builder

  • Build, save and share complex search queries using any combination of variables including:
  • Place (location, size, and lists of companies located at that building)
  • Company (revenue, and number of employees)
  • Contacts (first name, last name, title, function, role, gender)
  • Companies located in any building / address
  • Fiber-Lit / On-Net Buildings(for Telecom)
  • Location (City, State, County, Zipcode or radius search)
  • Sector, Category, Industry (name or SIC code)
  • Demographic Information (income, ethnic makeup, gender, home values and median age).

Not bad for $99/month...and what I especially like is not being locked into any long-term contract.

Just go month to month and see how you like it.

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