Research on effective outreach by phone

How to Make A Successful Phone Introduction --- this research may surprise you!

George Clay

What if I told you that when you introduce yourself on the phone to someone you are calling for the first time what callers hear on the other end has relatively little to do with what you are saying?

Research in human communication bears this out.

The video on this page explains the research on a successful phone introduction in a way I think you will find both helpful and interesting when it comes to making your phone prospecting more successful.

Words are important.

But on the phone your ability to bond with someone --- usually a complete stranger if you're cold calling --- will have more to do with your tone of voice than anything else.

How do you think a prospect feels if they speak carefully and slowly
 ...and you speak as if you're spraying them with a fire hydrant?
Pace and tone are important to help you build rapport --- 
so it's important you listen carefully and try to match the pace!

Also --- on or off the phone --- another tip:

Fine talkers are rarely good salesmen.
They inspire buyers with the fear of over-influence. They create the suspicion that an effort is made to sell them on other lines than merit." ---Claude Hopkins, author, Scientific Advertising.

Marketing Direct Outreach 

More than what a sales rep has time to do

list-building...intro discovery calls...the 27 second pitch...building-out your database...getting prospects interested in meeting you...appoinments that lead to sales...lead tracking and follow-up...avoiding costly mistakes when buying any list...what sales people are too busy doing to prospect effectively.