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George Clay

Telemagic was the original customer relationship management software. It was originally published in the 1980’s! It’s intuitive design and ease of functionality made it an instant success.

I began using Telemagic rapid contact management software in the early 1990’s.  To this day I have not found a software system as effective, as intuitive or as productive as TeleMagic.
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Me using TeleMagic for over-the-phone sales prospecting. Although I've been using TeleMagic for 23 years I continue to marvel how TeleMagic outperforms cloud CRM applications costing many thousands of dollars more.

You can create screens that display whatever information you choose, in whatever format you like.

This freedom to design your own unique way of organizing TeleMagic with screens that are completely customizable gives you and TeleMagic a HUGE advantage over cloud CRM platforms.

Each user may have his own custom view of the TeleMagic database.

Views can also be used to organize your contacts.

Lead Qualification Process

For example, you may have a view for lead qualification.

Once a lead is qualified, you may have a view for how this lead is being nurtured or developed into becoming your rapid contact managementcustomer.

Finally, once a sale is made, you may have a view for existing customers.

This same record can be viewed in three different ways as the contact's relationship with your company evolves.

This keeps everyone up-to-date on all your contacts --- not only who's who and where they are located, but what happened the last time someone at your company talked to them.

With TeleMagic the overall picture of your clients, your suppliers and your prospects enables you to give them what they need when then need it.

TeleMagic Keeps You On Track

You can tell at a glance what needs to be done, what has to be done and what should have already been done.

With this information in YOUR hands...under YOUR control...TeleMagic enables you to build strong relationships.
And it is strong relationships that helps you get and keep customers

Powerful Contact Management Capabilities

TeleMagic's contact management capabilities are exceptional.

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