Qualifying B2B Sales Prospects By Phone Is An Efficient Way To Find New Customers & Turn More Prospects Into Loyal Customers.

qualifying b2b sales prospects
George Clay

An effective sales process starts by finding the right prospects.

Then, once you qualify their interest in your offer you can begin the relationship building process...educating them --- over time --- on why they are better off buying from you rather than from your competitors.

But how do you accomplish this in an efficient way?

I made this video to get you started.

Nothing fancy.  Just  sharing with you what I've learned over the years when it comes to the qualifying B2B sales prospects by phone.

Take a look. I believe my tips will help you jump start your sales process by getting  your prospects qualified in a practical, efficient way.

Qualifying B2B sales prospects that you convert into becoming your customers is a process.

It involves more than one or two phone calls.

Getting Appointments: I never try for an appointment on the first call. Instead, I speak directly with each prospect and continue to develop and strengthen that relationship for you with lead nurturing follow-up calls.

Yes, it's a process. But from cold lead through satisfied customer it brings you better quality sales prospects than one call telemarketing ever did.
Bottom Line: You'll make more sales get more referrals by delivering outstanding service to your prospect base and giving them attention that makes you outshine the competition.

Become A Better B2B Marketer

Qualifying B2B Sales Prospects
George Clay

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