Phone Prospecting Qualification Process

Phone Prospecting Qualification Process For Developing High-Quality Sales Prospects 

Phone Prospecting Qualification Process
George Clay

My phone prospecting qualification process is built on routine real-time follow-up calls to build relationships, win trust & establish good will.
Here’s what you can expect with me generating sales leads by phone for your business.
Generating sales leads by phone FIRST PHASE: Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing. 
 Generating sales leads by phone SECOND PHASE:Best prospects are developed and nurtured by routine call backs.  
WHAT YOU LEARN: Follow-up calls Phone Prospecting Qualification Processuncover active selling opportunities you NEVER hear about unless your ear is on the ground! EXAMPLE: Vendor drops ball…you jump in to prove what YOU can do.
FEEDBACK: My phone prospecting qualification process keeps you informed on account Phone Prospecting Qualification Processactivity so you’re ready when opportunity knocks.
YOU MONITOR ACCOUNT ACTIVITY: With these updates you can monitor account activity and jump in whenever a prospect is ready for a face-to-face or wants a demo scheduled or has questions best answered by your or your team.

Key To Generating Sales Leads By Phone 

The secret to generating sales leads by phone is  managing all of the information that will help provide the best possible products and services in the most efficient and effective manner.
It is this power of information that builds strong relationships.
And it is strong relationships that helps you get and keep customers

Improve Your Business Development Lead Generation

Get updates on ways generating sales leads by phone prospecting can help your business development lead generation process  —especially in this economy.

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