Phone prospecting outreach

Phone prospecting outreach

Phone prospecting outreach

If you have tried something like this only to be disappointed with results...                                                                                            Please understand...

phone prospecting outreach
George Clay

What I do is completely different from call center telemarketing.

My phone prospecting outreach is based on research and testing literally thousands and thousands of outreach calls for my clients over the years.

It's a methodical lead qualification phone process that develops over-time and not with a single phone call.

Finding raisins in your raisin bread!

phone prospecting outreach
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You already know the vast majority of prospects have little or no interest in what you do. Weeding them out and finding what I call raisins in your raisin bread is where I can help you.
Finding and developing these batches or segments of well qualified prospects with a strong interest in what you do and wanting to hear more about what you can do for them is what direct outreach by phone is all about.
Knowing key words and phrases to get your prospect talking is key.
This is why phone prospectors --- the really good ones --- can work any industry.
Technical data and industry buzz words are helpful.
But over-the-phone skills ---genuine savy...good etiquette --- are even more important.
 Sales reps too busy?
Consider Marketing Direct outreach help
Where you might find my Marketing Direct outreach by phone helpful is doing the preliminary discovery call prospecting for them to weed out the dead ends and find the really worthwhile prospects.

Tone of voice is key

direct new client outreach help
Me doing Marketing Direct new client outreach.

My phone prospecting outreach prospecting builds a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call.

Developed specifically for this "hands-on", one-to-one real-time interaction my direct new client outreach is well suited for engaging high-level executives including owners and high net worth individuals.

Question: Does effective business outreach cold calling require a background in the industry or markets you are calling?

Answer: Surprisingly, industry specific knowledge about the business segments you are calling is NOT essential.

Your ability to bond with someone --- usually a complete stranger if you're cold calling --- will have more to do with your tone of voice than anything else.

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