Personalized sales outreach explained

George Clay

Lead validation pre-sales call campaigning to qualify & present what you do in a low-key but very professional way.  

Real-time follow-up calls to establish trust…build credibility and gain deeper, wider understanding of your customer.

Lead tracking so you know what’s going on with each prospect and each customer so you can deploy data to deliver even more personalization.

Immediate feedback on what your customers want and how you can satisfy that need for higher customer retention and more repeat customers.

Bottom Line: The more you personalize your customer’s sales journey the more they are likely to buy from you.

Well suited for engaging high-level executives 

Including CEOs..CFOs…CIOs…business owners and high net worth individuals.

Below you will find some links that explain my services
New Client Outreach by Phone — What Research Shows May Surprise You

Put Marketing Direct Outreach to work for you

More than what a sales rep has time to do

list-building…intro discovery calls…the 27 second pitch…building-out your database…getting prospects interested in meeting you…appoinments that lead to sales…lead tracking and follow-up…avoiding costly mistakes when buying any list…what sales people are too busy doing to prospect effectively.

Yes! I’d like to know more about your services — what’s different from what our sales reps do and how your personalized sales outreach can help  our new client outreach.