Personalized Relationship-Building Phone Prospecting Custom Fit To Your Markets

A  tested & versatile direct marketing process 

custom phone prospecting
George Clay

I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales qualifying with lead management & lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you.  

What my custom phone prospecting can do for you is give you a methodical business development and lead management process with real-time follow-up calls for enhanced lead nuturing and lead tracking so you know what’s going on with each prospect and each customer.
What this means to you is that you gain more control over your customers and your prospects…you keep them more loyal to you and less likely for them to drift away or get highjacked by your competitors.

My service is unique in that I do not outsource or off-load to call centers.

You will not find a business development service like mine anywhere.

That I can assure you.

Bottom Line: Helping you build strong relationships with your customers and your prospects so they become more loyal to you and your organization and keep buying from your rather than from your competitors is what I’m here to do.