Overlooked Sales Appointment Technique

George Clay

For getting appointments and increasing sales here's a sales appointment technique that wins big.
Sales Appointment Technique
It's cold call marketing. And it "should be used by every B2B sales force."
That's not  just  my opinion... but a direct quote from HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ON-LINE.

Cold Shoulder From Sales Managers

But sales managers say different.
"Too  many sales mangers are burying the cold call as an obsolete business practice...but cold calling remains the most effective way to set appointments at your target accounts" --- a direct quote from HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ON-LINE.

Why sales appointment techniquethe cold shoulder from sales managers when it comes to cold calling?

My guess is that social media and web based marketing are their focus.
Also, cold calling is misery for their sales people.

A Misunderstood Sales Appointment Technique

Furthermore, misinformation about cold calling is epidemic.

sales appointment technique
Educating top management about real world cold calling is key.

Top management will insist only salespeople with deep understanding of the markets they are selling can do business development cold calling.
It's myth based on ignorance rather than tested cold call business experience.
Bottom Line: Effective cold calling does NOT require a background in the industry or markets you are calling?
Question: Any other cold call B2B tips?

Answer: Like social media marketing, the business development cold call can be an engaging and interactive business development medium....enabling you to connect with your customers and potential customers ahead of the bigger companies with larger, less personalized sales and marketing organizations.

Cold Call Sales Appointment Technique Explained: The Truth About Getting Real-World Appointments 

sales appointment techniqueQuality sales appointments do not happen overnight.
Routine follow-up calls plus e-mail follow-ups get you in the door for a face-to-face meeting.
Also, cold call marketing is a form of direct marketing.[singlepic id=74 w=270 h=190 float=right] And building a highly targeted database is the key to any successful direct marketing campaign.
Therefore, view each call as a means for fine tuning your business development database. It's a work in progress that never ends!

Improve Your Cold Call Sales Appointment Technique
cold call sales appointment technique
George Clay

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