Outreach services explained

What makes my outreach different

George Clay

I build a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call.

This relationship-building process is well suited for engaging high-level executives

Including CEOs..CFOs...CIOs...business owners and high net worth individuals.

  • Appointment Setting.
  • List Building.
  • Lead Management with full notes & clear records of each call at all stages.
  • Call Outcome Reports  and OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT so you can share information and adjust channel sales marketing tactics.

Are you skeptical?

So much these days sounds good but fails to live-up to delivering the goods.

That's why you can test my outreach and see for yourself if you get results and not just empty promises.

You don't have to buy a list or make any big purchases.

You'll find working with me not at all what you would expect from a marketing or sales person.

I'm old-school and here to help you develop some good quality prospects interested in what you do and and wanting to hear more from you.

Telemarketing services you can try.

But helping you build strong relationships with your customers and your prospects so they become more loyal to you and your organization and keep buying from your rather than from your competitors is what I'm here to do.