How To Write And Deliver An Effective Outreach Call Script

outreach call script
George Clay

An effective outreach call script is a navigational chart that helps you control the progress and content of  your call.

Done right, it elevates your call....transforming it into pleasant, interactive dialogue.

OK, I hear you --- all the telesales cold calls you receive, you say, are not that way at all.

The caller sounds "stiff"...the pitch awkward and the cold caller's persistence becomes obnoxious.

That's outreach cold calling done wrong.

What follows will help you avoid that train wreck...and make you a cold calling champ by using an effective script and relaxed delivery.

Say exactly who you are: The prospect you are calling is at a disadvantage. He or she does not know your name or anything about you. Prospects will refuse to speak with you unless you immediately confront these issues.

State the exact reason you are calling.  Be specific and brief...thirty seconds or less.

Introduce a key word or phrase. It should trigger an interest in your prospect --- i.e., make your prospect want to learn more about you.

Your goal is to promote interaction...and get your prospect to reveal information.

Don't interrupt. Let your prospect do most of the talking.

Take "No" for an answer. The number one complaint of telemarketing prospects is that salespeople will not take "no" for an answer.

Qualify your prospect for future contacts. Ask them to suggest what they would like you to to ---- "when do you want me to contact you again?". Drop those prospects who will not suggest a call-back date.

Your call is designed to prospect qualify ---- find prospects you can add to your sales funnel and recontact with a follow-up call.

An opportunity to learn and collect customer data

Remember, each call provides you with an opportunity to learn.

Depending on what information is important to you, you can be filling in the gaps in your knowledge about prospects or getting a read on the state of their business.

So, it's important to let your prospect do most of the talking.

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