Outbound B2B Telemarketing Response Rate Winner


George Clay

Direct Marketing Association 2010 Report finds Outbound  B2B Telemarketing Response Rates highest of all media!

It not only had the highest response rate from prospects of 6.16%…but also the highest response rate from a house list was again by telephone, a whopping 10.41%.

Bottom Line: When handled properly and with the right personal touch outbound B2B telemarketing is a cost effective way to generate sales leads and secure new business appointments.

Keep It Simple

The secret is to keep it simple.

Save call center telemarketers for later…when you know your outbound telemarketing metrics(what’s working AND what’s not working.

Hey, not every script is a winner. Not every list pans out.  And not every product or service will be profitable by phone.).

For in-house telemarketing you will spend company time and money recruiting, training and managing these folks.

So either way — doing your calling  in-house or outsourcing to a call center, launch outbound B2B with one person making your calls.

For list building, appointment setting & sales lead generation success the video on this page will help make your outbound B2B telemarketing response rates a success.

I’ve included tips, advice, plus telemarketing mistakes to avoid.

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Outbound B2B Telemarketing
George Clay

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