Strategy To Win New Customers 
George Clay

My guess is you've never received a business phone call from someone like me doing old way new client outreach.

Informal and relaxed without any selling--- that's old school outreach.

Old way new client outreach
Old way new client outreach

Gets your foot in the door with prospects you might want to develop as customers. 

No selling.

Just qualifying their interest.

Prospects you’ve met at trade shows or Zoom meetings

Customers who have drifted away

Subscribers to newsletters or webinars

High-profile executives you've read about in business journals

Important you know something about making these calls in a way that is not intrusive or annoying like calls you get from telemarketers.

Voice and tone are key to building trust

Old way new client outreach qualifying calls

No mass volume calling for sales leads.

That's what call center telemarketers do.

I'm careful what I say and how I say it.

Sounding credible and worth listening to ---- that's so important!

See my post: How To Make An Effective Phone Introduction.

I'm calling to ask a question or two --- no selling.

Just politely qualifying their interest --- are they a good fit for possibly working with you.Old way new client outreach

As you can see from the photo at right I do not make these calls on my cell phone.

Strategic calling and TeleMagic

Keeping notes and accurate data on my calls requires a strategic calling platform enabling me to contact key batches of prospects in a very personal way and in a very short time.

That's why TeleMagic is my outreach prospecting platform.

My outreach prospecting is based on research and testing literally thousands and thousands of these TeleMagic calls for my clients over the years.

George Clay

It’s not mainstream marketing.

And it won't get you new customers overnight.

But to work your way into high-value accounts and develop key relationships that result in you getting a crack at becoming their vendor you might want to try this approach.

Same goes for revitalizing past or inactive clients.

Can I help you with this?

Business outreach to clients you would normally meet at trade shows or conferences or meetings you were planning to attend but have decided to put on hold due to travel concerns is where you may want to test my outreach services.