New Client Prospecting Lists

We all need new client prospecting lists. But where do you get the lists best suited for what you need?

new client prospecting lists
George Clay

Before you google “new client prospecting lists ” and buy your list or rent contact names from platforms like zoominfo, I have something different for you to try.

 This approach will take time and some effort to get your list customized to fit your specific niche prospecting needs, but for me it works and gives me exactly the high-end prospects I am looking to reach.
Best of all, it’s free!
This New Client Prospecting List Works For Me 
My niche market is fast growth small companies.
Not sure why, but last few months these are prospects that seem especially receptive to my services (a new Marketing Direct client belongs to this fast growth list).
Fast growth small companies are good prospects
And because “the trend is your friend” I decided to keep the trend going and focus on fast growth small company prospects for my list-building project.
Two on-line directories I found especially suited for my prospecting list:
  • Top Companies On The 2017 INC 5000 (my new client is on this list).
From these directories I was able to cobble together a list of worthy prospects to contact.
But it was not a slam dunk project.
Took some time to visit the different websites…learn details about each company and determine if they seemed a good fit for my services.
Also, I avoided those companies with websites that did not give their phone numbers or names of executive team members.
Remember, this list-building takes time and work.
But it gives me a very responsive list of prospects who I can engage on the phone with a brief introductory call explaining how I took time to research their company and how  the work I do is working well for a client that belongs to their same kind of fast track small companies.
I know in your particular market niche you can find on-line directories that mirror the kind of companies and high-level executives you want to reach.
Give this a try. Go for quality prospects rather than quantity.
Will be interested to hear how this approach to new client prospecting lists works for you.