New Client Outreach Telemarketing

Use These Research Findings To Improve Your New Client Outreach Telemarketing Campaigns    

new client outreach telemarketing campaigns
George Clay
For successful new client outreach telemarketing campaigns the ability to bond with someone ---- usually a complete stranger --- is an absolute must.
What callers hear on the other end of the line can make a world of difference when it comes to how they perceive the quality of service your company provides as well as your overall reputation.
So how do you effectively communicate all this --- on the phone --- usually to a complete stranger...and in a very brief phone conversation?
More To Do With Tone Of Voice Than Anything Else!
The short answer is it's not what you say.

new client outreach telemarketing
Right off the bat, your prospect needs to know he or she is speaking with someone worth listening to.
It's how you say it.
Here's why the tone of your voice is so important to telemarketing success.
Research shows human communication is made up of three parts.
7 percent is the actual words you use.
38 percent is the tone of your delivery.
55 percent is visual --- your body language.
Because you lose the visual aspects on the phone your tone now accounts for 84% of your impact.
And that includes inflection...pace...and rhythm of speech.
Words are important.
But on the phone your ability to bond with someone ---- usually a complete stranger if you're cold calling --- will have more to do with your tone of voice than anything else.
How do you think a prospect feels if they speak carefully and slowly...and you speak as if you're spraying them with a fire hydrant?
Pace and tone are important to help you build rapport --- so it's important you listen carefully and try to match the pace!