Helping you bring in new work by developing relationships with the right decision-makers is what my new client outreach strategy is all about.

George Clay

What I can do for you is reach out to prospects you want contacted by phone and build on-going relationships with these prospects and learn what they want and need in terms of  your particular portfolio of widgets or services.

Getting this process up and running will require me learning how you want introductory calls structured so I can engage prospects in a professional manner that wins their confidence and strengthens the overall credibility of you and your team.

What I do is relationship-building and requires methodical real-time follow-up calls to the prospects qualified and interested in further discussions about your portfolio services. .

All phone prospecting and follow-up calls are done by me and with no outsourcing to third party call centers.

Special features of my new client outreach strategy includenew client outreach strategy

  • Hands-on quality control ---- each call, every call.
  • One-to-one personalized, customer experience engagements.
  • Seamless integration with your sales process.
  • Prospects view me as part of your team and not as a telemarketer!
  • Direct feedback reporting to you on each completed real-time interaction.
  • No voice mail. All interactions are real-time engagements.
  • Daily summary to your team on all calls made and results of these calls.
  • Script concept and development capabilities --- adjust as needed.
  • Rapid Application Phone Prospecting Platform with auto dialer.
  • Can speed through a prospect list in a small fraction of the time old-way dialing .
  • Historical Archives of complete data prospecting calls and results

Where my service can be especially useful to your team is adjusting tactics
and shifting strategy to fit different market niches and industry client outreach strategy

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