new client development

Only a small percentage of leads offer you REAL sales opportunities.

Strategic calling process

business outreach new client development
Me doing outreach with TeleMagic

First Phase:

Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing.

I work the phones.

Weak prospects noted.

Stronger candidates flagged for follow-up.

Second Phase: 

Follow-up calls to uncover active selling opportunities.

Best prospects are developed by routine call backs.

Again, I’m working the phones and making the calls.

What You Learn:

Sales opportunities you’ll NEVER hear about unless your ear is close to the ground!

EXAMPLE --- Vendor drops ball…you get the chance to prove what you can do.

Let's stay in touch

business outreach new client development
this pretty much covers the bases

Business outreach new client development to clients you would normally meet at trade shows or conferences or meetings you were planning to attend but have decided to put on hold due to travel concerns is where you may want to test my outreach services.

Pick your prospects
  • Prospects you’ve met at trade shows
  • Customers who have drifted away
  • Subscribers to newsletters or webinars
  • High-profile executives you've read about in business journals
  • Summary plus best list to test
    George Clay
    Best List: Your house list will bring you the highest response rates when you contact these prospects by phone. So before buying an outside list let’s develop these prospects first! How To Test My Strategic Calling Process
    • Small Controlled Test
    • You Pick Markets and List
    • 200 Prospects Per Test
    • Your Team Gets Actively Involved
    • You Monitor Account Activity
    • Adjust Tactics as Needed
    • Test Month-To-Month
    • Cancel Any Time
    It's a process and it takes time to work

    George Clay

    It’s not mainstream marketing.

    And it won't get you new customers overnight.

    But to work your way into high-value accounts and develop key relationships that result in you getting a crack at becoming their vendor this may interest you.