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New Business Prospecting In The Age Of The Customer

new business prospecting
George Clay

This article in FORBES may rock your boat when it comes to your new business prospecting.
Called  SEVEN NEW  RULES FOR PROSPECTING IN THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER it’s about the massive shift that has taken place in the marketplace of business to business sales.

Sales Practices To Avoid 

new business prospecting
The Age Of The Customer has Replaced The Age of The Seller

“This shift has created many disruptions, especially with entrenched Age of the Seller sales practices, but perhaps none more than business-to-business prospecting.”
To succeed in this new arena requires revamping your new business prospecting strategy.
The author guides you through seven simple ways you can do just that.
To me, the importance of this information for anyone in B2B sales and marketing cannot be understated.
Used the right way it will enable you to reach new markets and get new customers ahead of bigger companies with larger but less personalized sales and marketing organizations stuck in the old way of new business prospecting.
new business prospecting
George Clay

If you want better qualified sales leads, higher conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead than is typically achieved by traditional new business prospecting I can help you.

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