Marketing Direct Tips

On the phone your ability to bond with someone —- usually a  complete stranger if you’re cold calling — will have more to do with  your tone of voice than anything else.

marketing direct tips
George Clay

Words are important.

But it ain’t what you say. It’s how you say it that has more to do with making a successful introduction on the phone than anything else.

Also — on or off the phone — more marketing direct tips:

Fine Talkers Rarely Good At This

“Fine talkers are rarely good salesmen.
They inspire buyers with the fear of over-influence.
They create the suspicion that an effort is made to sell them on other lines than merit.” —Claude Hopkins, author, Scientific Advertising.
And from a subscriber to my newsletter these marketing direct tips: 
“Years ago my father pointed this out to me.  A salesman for most of his adult lifetime.
I still do deals on the phone. I capture their attention by asking. ” Can you hear me ok ” instead of how are you?
Building a bond in the least amount of time is key to success on the phone. Not sounding to smooth also.”
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