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marketing direct remote services
George Clay

Keeping your active customers engaged so they don't drift away while also finding new clients is something we all have to do but seems there's never enough hours in the day to get all this done.

You're probably re-tooling how you do this now that COVID-19 has moved the goal posts making what worked before a bit bumpy, to say the least.

Whatever your COVID-19 game plan I thought you might be interested in some ways my Marketing Direct remote services might help you along the way.

Just know it requires hands-on follow-up to show your prospects and also your clients you're up-to-speed and maybe ahead of your competitors during this post COVID-19 turnaround time we are all going through.

Too many people think it's simply contacting a prospect and setting appointments by explaining what you do and how you can help them.

That last part --- explaining how you can help a prospect --- takes way more than just a single phone call. And it's what effective phone prospecting and list-building are all about --- a relationship-building process that takes time.

Yes, it's a process and a far cry from one call appointment setting.

I'm here to help and you can call or email me anytime if you'd like to kick around some ideas for working together.

One thing for sure --- remote work is a game changer.

Brings outsourcing vs. doing the work in house with your own employees into focus.

Which works best?

Depends on your employees and getting the right people if you outsource.

Cost factors are key --- and this report I found helpful.
How much does an employee cost you?