Marketing Direct Professional Outreach

marketing direct professional outreach
George Clay

Outreach prospecting by phone is pretty simple to set up.

You don't need a big list or a whiz bang software program.

Just an idea of what you want to accomplish with each list of prospects you want contacted.

To get you thinking how this could work here are some suggestions:

  • Start with any leads you already have on the books.
  • But you need them cleaned up so that your data is accurate and up-to-date.
  • This is probably your best list and will produce the biggest bounce for any outreach calls since these prospects already have an idea of what you do and are familiar with your services.

But for whatever the reason you never find time to do this yourself so these leads just stay idle and nothing much happens with them.

We just need to follow-up with them and show them you value their business and want to help them with any projects they may need.

You're probably wondering what's different with my outreach services.

First off, what I do is old-school.

So if you're looking for a quick fix to get new clients you're better off elsewhere.

Marketing Direct Professional Outreach Services

  • List-building --- new clients.
  • Qualify and build rapport with best prospects.
  • Outreach with a human touch --- what's that? And why it's important.
  • Learn what they want and need from YOU.
  • Develop their interest in how YOU  can deliver what they need.
  • Get YOU in the buyer loop early --- before buying process begins.
  • Slow but sure way to develop new business.
  • Fills gaps sales reps miss.
  • Old school --- but it has always worked and always will.

What's inflation doing to your customers?

What are you doing right now --- TODAY--- to keep them from drifting away?

Why not outreach by phone...but in a very personal and friendly way?

Marketing Direct Professional Outreach: Free 30 Day Trial 

Helps you get a feel for us working together.

Me learning from you what you do.

Makes all the difference when I'm speaking with prospects you want me to contact for you.

More about this you can learn by clicking the links on this page and go from there.

Outreach With The Human Touch

What's that and why should you care?

Three page brochure

Marketing Direct Professional Outreach